Aims & Goals

Our Aims and Goals

To provide opportunities for disabled young people and their families, allowing them to enjoy physical recreation in a safe, accessible and understanding environment.

To offer facilities for sport and recreation for groups or individuals who, for reasons of disability, impairment or social isolation, may have been otherwise excluded or deterred from accessing other clubs and activities.

To promote community participation in healthy recreation by providing a range of fun, inclusive activities capable of improving health, fitness, welfare, and lifestyle, as well as encouraging members’ physical and social development.

To advance the education of children and young people by providing our members with opportunities to reach their potential and optimise their capabilities, thus enabling them to become more responsible and confident members of society.

To provide a service that the whole family can access, by encouraging siblings to participate in activities alongside their brothers and sisters, and by creating a welcoming social hub for parents, carers and support workers.

To educate, train and mentor trampoline coaches so that they can specialise in the provision of inclusive activity within a range of sports.