Group Bookings

Groups, Schools and One to One Bookings

The Jump Space centre is able to offer sessions to groups, schools and 1:1’s. This can be on a one off basis or for regular sessions. All sessions must be booked and paid in advance and arranged with the office.

These are usually for 1 hour in length.

The Standard group size is 10 people which costs £95.00 per session.
(It may be possible to increase numbers to a maximum of 20 people by prior arrangement if additional staff are available. This will cost and additional £9.50 per person)

The group session will be led by 2 qualified coaches who will teach trampoline / Rebound skills according to the levels or the participants. More able participants will take 2 minute turns rotating with other members of the group. Less mobile / able participants who need assistance transferring will have one turn of between 10 – 15 minutes dependent upon the number of chair users in the group.
When not on the trampoline participants have access to our play and sensory area which has a variety of challenging equipment, with key areas having hoist access.

NB If a group contained 10 wheelchair users each person’s time on the trampoline may be less.

1:1 sessions are for 1 hour with exclusive use of the Jump Space centre, supported by a qualified, experienced coach.

We are in a position to offer a small number of 1:1 sessions to participants who find it hard to take part in group activity. This may be because they cannot cope with noise, or lots of people or they have behaviour issues.

The coach will lead the trampoline based activity and support the participant and their care staff in the play activity area.

Prices and availability for these sessions is available by calling the Jump Space office.

New Rebound Therapy Room.

This new space will be bookable for 1-1s only .

The room benefits from full track hoist as well as star light projections on ceiling, interactive panel and colour changing lights. With comfy seats for carers/ parents.

The space will be deep cleaned in between every session.

Spaces will consist of 30 minute session with a qualified coach costing £15 booked and paid monthly.

Sessions currently available on a

Tuesday from 3-3.30pm, 3.30-4pm and 4-4.30pm 

Wednesday 3.30-4pm, 4-4.30pm


12.30-1.00pm, 1-1.30pm, 1.30-2.30pm, 2-2.30pm, 3.30-4pm

We will look at adding additional days in the future.
For more information or to book a session please contact the centre on 0161 637 2800.