What We Offer

Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy is an intensive 1:1 technique for people with moderate-to-severe disabilities, and comprises the therapeutic use of trampolines to encourage movement, exercise and recreation. Physically, it helps to increase strength, balance and co-ordination. Emotionally, it aids confidence-building, communication and social skills. Rebound Therapy is a great exercise for most people who are wheelchair users, helping with physical health and wellbeing as well as encouraging the development of positive interactions.
Rebound Therapy activities are available in classes and 1:1 sessions which must be booked in advance and drop in sessions at specific times


Trampolining is an aerial acrobatic sport, which begins with basic jumping skills and works all the way up to multiple twisting multiple somersaults. Jump Space classes offer coaching for recreation based work (not competitive) with coaches being able to teach up to double somersaults. As trampolining is a dangerous activity all our coaches work to a programme using safe progression of skills at all times to reduce the risk of injury for the participants.
Trampolining is a great activity for fitness and for improving Health & Wellbeing. It is a low impact activity which is suitable for all ages above 4 years and is also a FUN way to exercise and socialise.
NB: Trampolining and Rebound Therapy are unsuitable for those with the following conditions: pregnancy; rodded backs; dwarfism; brittle bones; detaching retina; certain heart conditions; positive AAI screening

Sensory Play

Jump Space has accessible play and sensory areas that can cater for all ages and abilities. The play area is made up of a large ball pool (with track hoist), 2m high soft slide, a climbing frame, an accessible swing, a variety of soft play block and play activities and a matted area. The sensory room contains equipment constructed to challenge and stimulate children with and without disabilities. It features a wide variety of specialist equipment including a sensory tunnel, sound responsive panels, a bubble tube, a projector, optical mirrors and fibre-optic cables, as well as lots of interactive toys and comfy cushions! The sensory room has a track hoist for those who require extra assistance.